Environmental (ISO 14001)

Committed to sound environmental stewardship

Morganstone recognises that its activities can have an adverse impact on the environment and is committed to improving its environmental performance and minimising any harmful effects through the implementation of strict policies and effective management procedures.

The company operates in accordance with a fully documented Environmental Management System (EMS) accredited to ISO 14001:2015.  The EMS forms part of an integrated Business Management System.  The system integration ensures that environmental and sustainability issues are considered as part of all key decision-making processes across the organisation.

Implementation of the Environmental Management System will ensure that Morganstone:

  • Minimises any disturbance to the local and global environment.
  • Complies fully with all relevant statutory regulations.
  • Maintains the appearance of offices and projects to the highest practical standards.
  • Minimises the risk of pollution by waste products and hazardous substances.
  • Takes positive steps to manage waste effectively by promoting waste reduction, reuse and recycling, placing particular emphasis on paper, fuel, energy and construction materials.
  • Continuously assesses and review environmental impacts.
  • Trains employees to ensure that they are aware of the company’s objectives and specific measures for their implementation.

Our commitment to undertaking our operations responsibly ensures that environmental considerations are integrated into the decisions we make and actions we take.  Coupled with our successful approach to establishing ongoing partnerships with the community ensures each project is delivered responsibly.

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