Health and Safety

Morganstone – where health & safety begins on day one

As well as caring about the impact that our developments have on society and the environment, the Morganstone construction team is also committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of not only our staff and customers, but also the wider community.

We understand that there are a number of individuals that will be affected by the way we design, cost, plan, deliver and maintain a project. As such, our health and safety management begins on day one – long before we even step onto the site.

We aim to manage health, safety and welfare through a comprehensive range of systems and methods, many of which must be completed before work can commence on site. These measures include:

  • Assessment and removal of risks during the design, pre-planning and pre-construction phases
  • Detailed analysis of risk during the construction process and the elimination or reduction of these risks
  • Liaison with all project teams to ensure that employees on-site and supply chain partners share and promote best practice – we believe there is no patent on health and safety and actively share good practice with everyone involved
  • Completion of comprehensive training for office and site staff to ensure all are competent when it comes to our latest health and safety policy, which includes legislation and new working practices
  • Notification of neighbouring properties and the wider community throughout the design, pre-planning and pre-construction stages. Before the project begins all locals are briefed on what the work will entail and who they can contact with queries or concerns
  • Continued health and safety management throughout the construction phase to make sites as safe as possible for the community
  • Health and safety education prior to and throughout the construction phase. The Morganstone team regularly attends local schools with our mascot Ivor Goodsite to promote safety through talks, videos, games and themed competitions throughout the lifecycle of the project.

Our commitment to caring for the general public, customers and our workforce ensures we practise excellent health and safety management across all sites and our ongoing partnership with the community ensures each project is delivered – minus the risks.


Health & Safety