Ivor Goodsite accompanies Morganstone to Alltwen Primary

Ivor Goodsite accompanies Morganstone to Alltwen Primary image

Ivor Goodsite recently accompanied Morganstone to Alltwen Primary School to deliver a Construction Safety Talk to the children. The visit took place on the 29th of January and forms part of a strategy of Community Engagement delivered in line with Morganstone’s Alltwen scheme for POBL housing. The development will consist of 34 two storey homes.

The talk consisted of a presentation around the dangers on building sites and the importance of wearing personal protective equipment (PPE), followed by a red herring PPE game and demonstration. A pupil was dressed up in PPE chosen by her peers. The choices varied between bobble hats, trainers, woolly gloves and brightly coloured coats – in addition to the traditional PPE items worn on site.

Ivor received one of his biggest welcomes to date, with lots of excitement and smiles by the children. His newly revealed ‘jig’ dance routine was a particular hit with the youngsters who loved meeting the larger than life character.