Project: Laburnham Drive, Newport

We have completed a number of successful projects for Charter Housing Association, and the Laburnham Drive contract in Newport was just one of the programmes of work that has strengthened our ongoing partnership.

The project began with the demolition of the former community hall, which was situated at the centre of the site. Following demolition and subsequent site preparation, including extensive groundwork's to amend the steepness of the site, the Morganstone team got to work constructing four timber framed properties.

One of the four properties was a specially adapted home designed for disabled use, and our in-house design and technical team worked closely with Charter Housing to ensure the special needs of the tenant were met. Whilst working on this site, which was known throughout the community as a location that attracted trouble, our engagement and continued liaisons meant this area earned a new reputation as well as four high quality homes.

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Client: Charter Housing
Status: Completed